Lessons learned in internship

Reflecting on Everything I Learned at My Internship

Posted by Michelle Kafie on December 12, 2013

Interning with Digett has been one of the best opportunities I’ve had. My experience here has helped me grow not only as an individual, but as a professional. Working at a small company like Digett has given me the opportunity to learn many of the things that I would not had I been at a larger company.

What I did

Throughout the past four months I’ve had the opportunity to enhance my copywriting skills by writing blog posts for Digett. A lot of people may think that writing on a blog is a simple task, but there is more to it than it seems. First of all you have to do some research and then pick the topic you want to write about. After this, you research more about the topic that you are writing about. Then you write your blog post and you proofread it many times, until it is ready to be published.

I also had the chance of helping a non-profit enter content to their website. This was one of the most time consuming tasks I’ve done here but one of the most rewarding ones. Here at Digett we care about the community, and helping a non-profit was our way of giving back. Entering the content gave the non-profit the opportunity to have their website up much faster and that way they could help more people too.

I practiced my Photoshop skills (creating a digital ad for Digett) and my photography skills, as well as helped the team find more efficient ways to search for future interns.

Beyond the books

As a Marketing and Information Systems Management major I had read in many books of all the things I learned here but I never had a chance to practice them like this before. Being here at Digett gave me the real world experience that I needed. I learned a lot about time management: leaving everything for last minute doesn’t work in the real world. I am a more organized person thanks to this.


One of the things I am most grateful about is the fact that everyone who works at Digett genuinely cared about me. Throughout the whole semester they were always there to guide, support me and answer any questions I had. They were always open to suggestions and were truly concerned about me learning. They did everything they could so that my internship could be one of value.

As I leave, I can say that I am beyond blessed. I take away many good memories and experiences that I am sure will help me for the rest of my life.

Blog Posts I wrote for Digett


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