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SEO Keyword Research: Part 1 - Why Should I?

Posted by Mark Figart on March 15, 2011

Performing keyword research for your San Antonio website is likely one of the most important strategic activities you can undertake for growing your business or increasing market share. Too often the reasons are overlooked, so let’s consider the big ones:

  • There are bottom-line benefits to being found. Websites that rank well for relevant keywords in search engines will get more traffic; a lot more. Companies that own those websites have a significant advantage in driving leads and, ultimately, making sales. To compete, you need to start by knowing which keywords are the most important to target in your business.
  • Until you do the research, you really don’t know what works. Your audience is using some keywords more than others to find products and services like yours. And while you think you may know which keywords are most valuable, you probably don’t. 
  • It’s easier and less expensive to get found if you can identify the right keywords. Some keywords are more competitive than others. But just because a keyword is competitive doesn’t mean it’s effective for your business. Doing your own effective research can identify opportunities to benefit from targeting less competitive keywords. Conversely, it can help you come to a decision sooner to abandon popular keywords for which you cannot possibly compete.
  • The decisions you make about keywords today can easily affect your business for the next several years. Whether you make good decisions or bad ones, the consequences will seem to be amplified as time wears on. SEO is often won over the long haul, so the decisions you make and the actions you take today will benefit—or harm—you for the months and years ahead.

So what is keyword research, anyway? We’ll dive into answering that question next week, so tune in then!

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