The Value of Video (Part I)

Posted by Amy Peveto on October 17, 2012

When done properly, video can be a powerful tool for your business; done wrong, or even “just okay,” it can turn customers off faster than a lightswitch. In the first of this two-part series we’ll show you how to make video work for, not against, you.

Where this video went wrong

This video has a great message and imparts some valuable information; unfortunately, it gets lost in translation.

Distractions everywhere

So much to look at! I only have a few seconds to catch your attention, and the goal is to have you focus on what I’m saying, not trying to figure out what all the stuff behind me is (I saw you eyeballing that African drum).

Filming needs to happen in a non-cluttered environment so that prospects can focus on your message, not what’s behind you. Select your location accordingly.

Where’s the camera?

One of the drawbacks of recording on your own (in my case using my Mac’s built-in camera) is that you’re never quite sure where to focus. I wanted to appear as if I am making direct eye contact, but it’s not always easy to know where to look — plus I had to peek at my notes a couple times. The effect is a little alienating.

Work with a professional videographer to coordinate filming; this will ensure you’re centered in the frame properly, focusing where you’re supposed to, and maximizing your video’s effectiveness.

Audio/visual issues

The biggest issue with this video is its overall quality. The audio is okay, but the lighting and quality leaves much to be desired. And the lack of polish is emphasized by my mentioning its importance in the video itself.

Does that de-cluttered location you’ve selected have good lighting? Is there enough insulation in the room so that you don’t sound like you’re in an echo chamber?

Professional videographers are more expensive, but they have access to high-definition cameras, supplemental lighting, and the expertise to help you craft the best video possible.

Stay tuned

Later this year we’re going to re-shoot this video, incorporating the tips discussed here. We want you to see the difference a little more time and money makes, as well as how a nicely-produced video can build engagement, boost your brand, and improve your SEO.


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