What Facebook Does for B2B Business

Posted by Jeff Lamboy on February 12, 2013

Both in business and at home, Facebook continues to be the talk of the town. With over a billion interactions, a devalued IPO, Facebook Insights, and what may prove to be the “new” way to search, Facebook continues to hold our attention.

All this activity has B2Bs askings themselves, “Is Facebook right for me?” The answer is “yes”! It’s a great way to build your brand, but not without strategy and not without commitment.

An audience of many

Marketers and companies seem to “get it,” or admit to getting it; take a large audience, sprinkle in the potential of some low-cost leads, and who wouldn’t want a tool that makes sales magic happen?

And that’s the catch. With any tool, it takes practice and commitment to hone a skill. Facebook is no different.

Almost a year and a half ago, Hubspot shared some ways that B2B companies can utilize Facebook. They listed some great ways to:

  • Reward brand ambassadors
  • Share company and product news
  • Showcase industry experts
  • Generate leads

These suggestions still hold true, and most importantly, they are all measurable.

Start with strategy

Content is still the foundation of your marketing strategy and any of your social media efforts, including Facebook — there is no short-cut, there is no substitute. Content rules the roost and good content rules the kingdom. Start writing expert posts, start reviewing owned video, start by identifying relevant content that you may have already produced.

If your content is months or years old, you’ve got a little more work to do. Start building your Editorial Calendar and scope out what you will be producing and promoting on a regular basis. Don’t totally dismiss your past content, because there may be something that can be rejuvenated or revisited for a new audience. If so, it is a great springboard to help you get started.

You really like me

When it comes to engagement, there is a bit of trickiness that takes place.

Don’t be afraid to ask people to like you. It is not necessarily that you are asking, but rather the way you are asking that can either earn a fan or secure a detractor. Showcase the way you helped a customer through a testimonial. Demonstrate your commitment to the community through some great works. Show how a little knowledge yielded big results for an industry.

By having something valuable to offer, you are truly able to earn that “like.” Whether it is an insight or something profound, try not to attach it to a giveaway or utilize it solely for promotional purposes. That is a sure-fire way to short-sighted results while running the risk of alienating an audience. It also opens the door to some unwanted comments. You want people talking about you, but you also want that talk to be positive.

Be careful how often you ask for engagement. Constantly bombarding potential fans with requests may yield similar negative reaction and results. Make sure that Facebook isn’t the only way that potential customers can engage you. Don’t neglect other social media and the power of your website.

With meaningful content and diligent execution, go out and make Facebook a valuable component in your full marketing strategy.

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