Spring Internship at Digett

What I’ve Learned Interning at Digett

Posted by Jennifer Edwards on May 20, 2014

As my Spring internship at Digett comes to an end, I have been thinking about my time here and what it has meant to me. These past few months at Digett have been amazing, allowing me to grow as an individual and expand my professional experience. Digett’s work culture has influenced me to get the most out of my internship, pushing me to keep improving every day.

My projects


One of my main projects here at Digett was writing blogs about different marketing strategies and topics. I know this might sound simple, but writing blogs takes a lot more work than simply sitting down and writing.

First, I would thoroughly research the topic (I need to make sure I know what I’m talking about!). Then, creating an outline allowed me to map out what I was going to talk about and in what order. After, I would start writing.

Once I’ve written the blog post, I would edit the blog multiple times with my editing wizard co-worker, Amy. The post would be edited around three times at least before being ready to be published. Each blog post pushed me to be a better writer and to think outside of the box.

Video creation

My favorite project at Digett was creating a promo video for ACG’s Private Equity Two-Step Equity event. This required storyboarding, scripting, editing, hiring voice talent, and layering vocal and background music tracks.

At first, the project overwhelmed me. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull it off. However, once I started forming the storyboard and script, the project started to click. I also could not have finished the video without feedback from my supportive Digett co-workers.

Pinterest optimization

Another fun project I had was Pinterest optimization for Authentic Custom Homes’ Pinterest account. I was able to enhance their pins by linking them to the company’s website and adding searchable keywords to the description.

Pinterest is already a favorite website of mine, so being able to work on it and look at gorgeous pictures of custom homes was really fun.

Communication is key

During my time here at Digett, I learned how valuable communication is in the workplace. Not only did I know about my own projects, but was updated at every Monday team meeting about what was going on with all our clients. With everyone in the loop, knowing what needed to be done was much more clear.

Furthermore, open communication about my projects with my co-workers allowed me to receive beneficial feedback.

Thankfully this isn’t goodbye

I can’t express in one blog post how grateful I am to have had this opportunity at Digett. The team accepted me with open arms and were always willing to help out. Coming into a new internship is always kind of scary, but the Digett team made it easy to feel like I fit in.

Thankfully this isn’t goodbye though! I will be interning at Digett through the summer as well and am very excited to learn even more while here. I am excited to continue improving not only my professional skills, but also my personal skills. 

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