Wrapping Up My Summer at Digett

Posted by Jennifer Edwards on August 12, 2014

Although San Antonio’s hot, steamy weather may say otherwise, summer is coming to an end and so is my internship here at Digett. These past few months have been a whirlwind of new projects and lessons for me, helping me grow both professionally and as an individual. Even though this is my second internship here at Digett, there still hasn’t been one dull moment for this digital marketing intern.

It’s never done the first time

As a marketing intern, I spend a lot of time writing, editing, and revising different content for our clients. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter for custom homes or a blog post about strategy, it will never be done on the first try. No matter how hard I worked on the first draft, there was always room for improvement.

At first, this can be frustrating — it might feel like someone is bashing your work. However, a first draft is supposed to be just that — a draft. Odds are you’re not going to be able to get all your thoughts down in a perfect, concise way the first time. Trust me.

Rather than look at editing as a dull and repetitive process, take it as a time to improve and grow as a writer. When writing the first draft, a particular sentence or word may have seemed perfect, but when taking a second look you realize it doesn’t even make any sense!

Cut the fluff

As a writer, I use to feel like I should write more, filling in the spaces with adjectives and extra details. But this isn’t always ideal for marketing.

During my summer internship, I assisted in writing content for some of our clients’ websites. With the use of research, old content, and a well-drafted site copy, I was able to start generating content for each client. But there was an issue: I was adding too much fluff.

Shorter paragraphs that get to the point make it easier for the customer to read and understand what is being offered. Unnecessary details and filler words make it harder for the customer to read. Plus if you have heaping paragraphs on every page, the reader might be discouraged to continue through all the content, attempting to find the message.

Before you say goodbye…

I’ve had an amazing time interning with Digett, so when I was asked to stay during the fall, how could I say no? With such a collaborative, friendly, and open work environment, I feel there is still so much to learn from the Digett team.

So yes, I will be staying with Digett during the fall, continuing to improve my writing and marketing skills. I’ve loved being challenged by the projects I am assigned here and am excited to see what other projects I am faced with!

(Editor's note: We're so excited to have Jen with us again for the fall. Looking forward to finishing many more great projects with her!)

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