4 ways to be an awesome client

Posted by Valarie Geckler on December 01, 2011

No b.s., we work with some pretty awesome people and businesses. Ever wonder what we think makes a great client? I’ll give it to you straight, in no particular order.

  1. Give us feedback: If you don’t like it, just say so. We’re definitely fond of our work, but our goal is to create something that works for you. Let’s get this thing right. Don’t worry about hurting our feelings.
  2. Listen and trust our expertise. You hired us for our professional expertise so sometimes we’re going to push back a little on what you think you want. Maybe you want to add a three-tiered, ajax-based series of dropdowns to display the services available at your three locations. We can do that, but given your budget we might recommend a better place to invest project funds. Instead of a fancy dropdown, would a pretty list accomplish the same goal?
  3. Respond quickly. It’s so enjoyable to have an email or phone call returned right away. You move fast, we move fast, we both win!
  4. Know and share your goals. Who is your audience? What is a desired user behavior on the site? What measurements might you use to determine success for the site? We can help clients answer these questions, but it’s so exciting if you've already put some thought towards them.

When I come out of a meeting that includes any of the elements above, even if they change our project’s direction unexpectedly, I get really jazzed. Thanks, Digett clients, for setting the bar high.

Now tell me, how can we be better web marketers for you?

[Image Credit: Jesslee Cuizon]

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