5 Departures, 4 Arrivals, 1 Year

Posted by Zachary on December 30, 2008

One of the greatest joys we have is being able to share a piece of our lives with others. Indeed, one of our missions is to put a personal face on what is often considered an impersonal business. Why else would we invite people behind the scenes and provide periodic updates on team news?

Besides, the Digett team continues to change—or evolve, as we'd prefer to characterize it. This year was no different, as we welcomed four new employees and said goodbye to two. More interesting than the math, however, is how the Digett team dynamic has been affected by the additions and subtractions.

My Confession

I'll admit: I started this post thinking I would discuss the specifics of the staff changes we've seen in the last year. An interesting thing happened, however, on the way to the bank—I bored myself to death. My guess is if you're that concerned about who joined or left Digett in the last 12 months, you already know the particulars. No rehashing is necessary.

More importantly, it's not necessarily what counts. What does count is that our current team is poised to charge ahead in 2009 and take Digett (and clientele) in new directions. That's neither a slight to previous Digett rosters nor an unreasonable expectation following a good draft. It is, rather, a goal that will be attained through the continuing gelling of our team.

My Prognostication

Digett has skills today that it didn't have six months ago. Not only are we hard at work putting those skills to use assisting our clients, we're already looking to what new skills and opportunities we'll be exploring in another six months. Personally, I find that very exciting.

Lately, we've been arguing that rough economic conditions warrant changes in the marketing mix. Indeed, the wise marketer sees opportunity in current conditions, and so does Digett. That's why our team is surveying new territory in an effort to help clients and prospects through tough times.

My Invitation (to You)

As always, we invite you to partner with us. While we expect 2009 will bring changes to the Digett lineup, our commitment to helping our clients succeed with authentic communication will remain unaltered. As you buckle down and consider your organization's objectives for the new year, consider what may be required for success and how we can help you achieve it. We're just one email away.

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