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New Site Launch: CLMedical Consulting

Posted by Amy Peveto on July 03, 2013

CL Medical Consulting (CLMC) implements Electronic Health Record solutions, provides consultative services, and does everything in their power to help their clients run successful, profitable practices. Their previous website, however, was not geared toward converting visitors into leads.

Digett worked with CLMC to craft a new website whose main purpose is to smoothly lead visitors down the funnel to a quick conversion — secondary goals included showcasing the company’s consultative focus, their experience in implementing Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions, and their expert knowledge of Meaningful Use legislation and processes.

A homepage that converts

The original homepage contained good information, but left much to be desired when it came to readability. Physicians are notoriously busy people: they want the information they need quickly, and reading a page like this simply isn’t something they’re willing to do. 

The new homepage presents information in a brief, bulleted format, addressing physicians’ pain points (increased patient loads and practice overhead, decreased reimbursements, the headaches of attaining Meaningful Use) and quickly educating site visitors on the benefits of partnering with CLMC.

The page leads visitors through the problems and solutions and finally to a large call-to-action to contact CL Medical. More information is available deeper in the website, but the new homepage has everything a physician needs to decide whether to get in touch — and makes it as easy as possible to do so.

Responsive means a better on-the-go experience

A busy physician may only have a chance to research EHRs on her lunch break or between patient appointments — and like other consumers who are in a rush, they’re not likely to stay long on a website that doesn’t function on their phone or tablet.

CLMC recognized the value of having a responsive website, and we ensured that their new website functions just as perfectly on a smartphone and tablet as it does on a large desktop.

Changing the focus

CLMC’s differentiator is that in a huge industry of EHR providers their focus is outcomes, not just software, and their new website brings this emphasis to the forefront.

Everything—from the homepage format to the website structure and every word of content—emphasizes to visitors CL Medical’s uniqueness and value proposition.

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