Web Design and Golf

Advice on Web Design and Golf

Posted by AMac on June 27, 2011

I'm a web designer by trade but when I'm not at my actual job, I like to work on my golf swing. Web design and golf are two of my passions, I think because they have a lot in common. For all you web designers and/or golfers out there, here's some advice that goes for both.

Master the fundamentals.

Practice the simple things over and over until you can do them without thinking. Only then will you be able to get creative, and creativity is the fun part.

Have a routine.

A routine will help you develop consistency and confidence in your ability to execute. Should things get out of hand, you'll need to rely on your routine to right the ship.

Emulate the greats.

Have two or three professionals you consider to be the best and try to mirror their execution. They're great for a reason, so study what they do and learn from their success.

Be competitive.

If you're not in it to be the best, why play the game? It's important to have a desire to get better because if you're not getting better, you're getting worse.

Be good or be fast. Preferably both.

If you're good, you're allowed to take your time and be a little more methodical. The end result will justify the extra time. But if you're terrible, you've got to go fast. Whatever you do, don't be bad and slow.

Build on the positive.

Take the positive from every endeavor. Pick one or two things you can build on and ride that momentum into your next attempt. If nothing else, find that one moment that makes you want to come back for more.

Stick to these tips and you're on the right path, both in web design and golf. If you're like me, you'll learn to love them both and realize that part of the fun is striving for perfection, which is by my estimation, unachievable. From that perspective, web design and golf are a lot like life.

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Submitted by David Warner on Wed, 06/29/2011 - 6:54am

Thank you for sharing such valuable information.