Custom Web Design: Webinar Promo

Posted by AMac on July 26, 2011

At the top of the Digett home page we have a rotating promo area which allows us to promote important content elsewhere on our website. As creative director at Digett, it's my job to design these promotional graphics; and while doing so, it's important I keep a few things in mind.

Be Bold

Grabbing attention is my number one goal — I don't want people to miss our latest offer. Designing these promos is usually a lot of fun because I have freedom to be bold.

Be Concise

Each promo is visible for just a few seconds before it fades to the next, so being concise is a must. The reader has be able to read and react to the promo before it changes.

Call to Action

We want our visitors to take action, so a call-to-action is always important. Whether it's "Get Started," or "Click Here," action verbs are key to moving people further into the site.

Social Media Webinar Promo

With these things in mind, I recently sat down to design a promo for our free webinar, Five Social Media Mistake You Can't Afford to Make. To give you a better understanding of what goes into designing such an image, I decided to screen cast the effort and play it back for you to see. From start to finish it took me about four hours, but I've condensed it here to just over two minutes. Enjoy!

Custom Web Design: Webinar Promo from Digett on Vimeo.

If you're interesting in learning more about the dos and don'ts of social media, sign up for our free webinar, Five Social Media Mistake You Can't Afford to Make.


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