Digett's Custom Web Design, Recognized

Posted by AMac on April 19, 2011

At Digett we pride ourselves on combining effective inbound marketing strategies with beautifully custom web design. Over the past couple of years, a handful of our designs have been recognized by the worldwide design community.

campaign-monitor.pngCampaign Monitor Design Gallery: Rancho Cortez

Campaign Monitor is the industry leader in email marketing software for designers and their clients. In additions to using this service to administer the Digett Newsletter, we use Campaign Monitor to send email campaigns, track results and manage subscribers for many of our clients. Recently we were featured in the Campaign Monitor design gallery for our work with Rancho Cortez. Among other kind words, Campaign Monitor recognizes our design as a, "…beautiful example of how to give a design a certain vibe, without going overboard."

smashing-magazine.pngSmashing Magazine: Boerne Wild West Day

Not too long ago, our custom web design for Boerne Wild West Day was featured in a Smashing Magazine article — Showcase Of Beautiful Textured Web Designs. Smashing Magazine is an online publication focused on presenting the most valuable techniques, ideas and resources for designing and building websites. To date, over 3,300 website visitors to Boerne Wild West Day can be attributed to our feature in Smashing Magazine.

the-best-designs.pngThe Best Designs: Little Black Dress Society

My personal favorite is our design of The Little Black Dress Society and the design community seems to share my enthusiasm. Since it's launch in Summer 2010 this custom web design has been featured in over 25 galleries resulting in over 35,000 site visits. Our spotlight over at TheBestDesigns.com has single-handedly contributed 10,541 visits to the running total. Another 5,000 visits can be attributed to our feature in a Line25 article — 20 Examples of Creative Slideshows in Web Design.

Who's Next?

It's fascinating that a website can attract so many eyeballs simply based on the way it looks. Throw on top an effective inbound marketing strategy and even a small percentage of those impressions could turn into big business for your company. Design matters at Digett and we want our next design to be even better than the last. Is it you?

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