The Intern Chronicles, Pt. 1 - New to Digett

Posted by Amy Peveto on May 19, 2010

It has been said that the best ideas come when you’ve run out of them. While this has generally been true for me, I would like to add one more truism that has proved correct in my life: the best opportunities appear just when you’ve stopped looking. I came to Digett through a very circuitous route; a friend of a friend knew someone who, if unable to give me a job, would at least be a great contact in the Boerne area.

Mark Figart was kind enough to help me with a practice interview and give of his time, even when there was likely nothing to be gained from it. Before I got the chance to meet the Digett team, however, I decided to do a little research.

So like any Internet-savvy young adult, I snooped around Google, seeing what I could see.

The colors! The slick designs! A blog that is actually up to date! I knew immediately that this was where I wanted to be.

The Learning Curve

Fast forward several months. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks learning that behind those slick designs is a well-oiled machine, run by creative people who love what they do. As a person who is not anything close to an expert on Internet marketing (or marketing ... or even really the Internet), I am constantly amazed at the wonderful things going on at Digett. Open and friendly communication between employees and clients—as well as the use of an endlessly flexible content management system—allows clients to squeeze every drop of use out of their websites.

Coffee, Anyone?

Internships are rarely glamorous, but it does not follow that they are a waste of time. Au contraire, they are probably the best way to get involved in a company and learn from what its members do. I’m the newbie around here, so I’m often used as a fresh pair of eyes when it comes to adjusting older projects that everyone else has been staring at for hours on end.

I also get the chance to help check off items on Digett’s wish list—things they’ve wanted, but have been unable to scrape the time together to do. Tasks so far include creating scripts for client tutorial videos (Become a Drupal pro, one minute at a time!) and indexing the monstrosity that is Digett’s handbook.

I love problem-solving and streamlining, so jobs like indexing and SEO are right up my alley; I sit in a room all day and soak up information like a nerdy sponge. All of the creative energy, talent, and willingness to work that is found at Digett transfers into big success for clients—and a way-excited intern.

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