Companies can’t be afraid of new technology and innovations

Laptops, Marketing, & Overcoming Fear

Posted by Amy Peveto on March 19, 2013

Marketers and business owners deal often with fear and the unknown. Content marketing is a brave new world for many, and often the hardest part is getting started. He or she who hesitates too long, especially these days, is hampering business growth.

Technology worries, user failures

When the GRiD Compass—the world’s first laptop—debuted in 1982, the $8,150 price tag wasn’t the only thing that prevented its adoption in the business world.

It was in part a lack of knowledge and fear of failure that Jeff Hawkins, inventor of the Palm Pilot, said was the greatest barrier to this new technology’s adoption:

“The...reason they were uncomfortable with it is that none of them knew how to type. And it wasn't like they said, ‘Oh, I'll have to learn how to type.’ They were very afraid —I saw this first-hand—they were very afraid of appearing inept. Like, ‘You give me this thing, and I'm gonna push the wrong keys. I'm gonna fail.’ ”

Executives were so hesitant, continues Hawkins, that it took a “generational change” for laptops to catch on. In other words, it was the executives’ younger successors who had the courage and will to learn who found success with technology.

Fear is the mind-killer

No one likes looking or being inept, especially when their job or business is on the line. And it’s easy to stick with proven methods and safe strategies because they’ve always worked in the past.

Marketing is never stagnant, however, nor are the technologies that companies and individuals use to facilitate it. In 1982 it was the laptop, in the new millenium platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Tactics that work now may be obsolete next year, and it’s your responsibility to make sure your company isn’t lagging behind, but is instead standing out and moving up.

Fear of the new is understandable, but lack of experimentation and innovation is a business-killer.

Blaze a new trail

While most businesses continue with ineffective cold-calling and direct mail blasts, and are still hemming and hawing over whether or not to build a Facebook page or start producing their own videos, some early adopters have found enormous success by simply being willing to try.

Of course it’s frightening, and of course you may fail, but as Digett’s founder Mark said in his latest blog post:

“I’d rather [Digett] be known as a company that’s not afraid to take a chance on something new, because in this space following others is a surefire path to average results.”

Feeling brave?

Success in marketing means having a strong web and content strategy. If your website isn’t pulling its weight and isn’t bringing you leads, you should be thinking, “I need a redesign.”

Are you ready to take a chance and reap the reward?

Get started now

[Image: GRiD Compass]


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