Lessons in Inbound Marketing: Choral Performance

Posted by Amy Peveto on April 01, 2011

On Tuesday night I took a seat in the chapel to listen to my Alma Mater choir’s Spring concert. I enjoyed it very much, but as a choral alum and a Digett employee, I couldn’t stop drawing comparisons between choral performance and inbound marketing.

Great content

The musical selections the choir performs are varied: they utilize different languages, different tones, different speeds, and different instrumentation. By taking different types of music and combining them in unique ways, the choir can tell amazing stories.

It’s much the same in inbound marketing: you need to find ways to tell great stories in different ways, using different tools. Try mixing it up with videos and webinars, and don’t forget that it’s okay to have a sense of humor when appropriate.

The choir has excellent, meaningful music, and fills every seat; if you consistently create great, helpful content, you’ll fill your lead sheets.

Free content

No one is ever charged a single penny to see the choir perform, and yet every year some of the largest donations are made at choral performances; the audience sees the value of what the choir is providing and responds in kind.

Don’t be afraid to give away content for free; in this thank you economy, if you are providing value, people will recognize your talents and efforts and reward you for it.


Each member of the choir is there because he or she loves music, and loves telling a story. They’re excited to get to rehearsal every day, and concerts, although stressful, are the culmination of that mutual passion.

Simply put, love what you do, and share that passion with others. Make it a point every day to show people that you love what you do; enthusiasm can be contagious, leading your audience to share your content with others.

Connection and focus

Seeing the choir perform from the audience is quite an experience: from the moment they process onstage, every set of eyes is focused intently on the director. The group focuses on the story, projecting it through their faces and voices, forming a connection with the audience that is truly spellbinding.

Is every member of your team connected to each other and focused on the same goals? Having just one dissenting voice can throw off your company’s balance, leading to disharmony. Are you connecting with your audience? Having this connection is key to telling your story and providing something meaningful to your audience.

Practice makes perfect

In inbound marketing, it’s crucial to understand your audience and provide them what they want. This understanding—and your ultimate success—is born of passion, connection and focus, and the willingness to try new and different strategies.

Who knows? You might even get a standing ovation.




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