Marketer's Blueprint to Mobile Websites [Whitepaper]

Posted by Amy Peveto on October 18, 2011

With over a quarter of the world’s estimated four billion mobile phones able to access the web, mobile Internet is poised to overtake desktop usage by 2015. More people are using mobile search than ever before, and ignoring mobile website development is a luxury you won’t be able to afford for much longer.

Marketer's Blueprint to Mobile Websites: A Guide to Mobile Website Design and Development gives you the information you need to design and develop your mobile website.

A sneak peek

Marketer's Blueprint to Mobile Websites has great strategies and tips for you to keep in mind when developing your mobile website:

  • There are three types of users: the casual surfer, the repeat visitor, and the “urgent, now!” visitor. Your mobile website will need to function differently based on which type of user visits.
  • There are also three approaches to mobile website development; the goals you set for your website will affect which approach you choose.
  • The 5 biggest mobile design traps, and how you can avoid them.
  • What to keep in mind when meeting with a developer.

All this and more is just a few clicks away. Download the Marketer's Blueprint to Mobile Websites and get started on your mobile design today!

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