McMillin Website Repeats at Summit Awards

Posted by Zachary on July 17, 2009

Almost one year ago, I sat down to write my second-ever blog post for Digett. The topic? The fact that a website we designed for McMillin Homes won a 2008 Summit Award from the Greater San Antonio Builders Association. Well, you'll never guess what happened: It won again in 2009.

Two wins in two years brings pretty sweet satisfaction, we'll warrant, and we'd love to think of ourselves as the Phil Jackson of web marketing (just with respect to his record, folks). Still, I have to reaffirm what I stated last year: It's more satisfying to please our clients.

In the case of McMillin, that's a bit of an understatement.

You see, we got word of this year's announcement not too long after launching the brand-spankin'-new, a global resdesign that brought together corporate information as well as details for all the communities in which McMillin builds. This was a massive effort for both McMIllin and Digett, and hearing about the award was like putting a cherry on top of the sundae.

Moreover, it was a reminder that the relationships we build with our clients largely are self-rewarding. McMillin involved us in their redesign effort because we have an established rapport and trust. Granted, industry awards don't necessarily hurt, but they don't often result in long-term relationships—or even tons of short-term business, for that matter.

That being said, we're gunning for a three-peat with the new McMillin site.

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