A New Site Launch Trifecta

Posted by Valarie Geckler on April 05, 2010

Though we usually have our noses to the grindstone in the Digett team room, we can't help but take time to celebrate our recent accomplishments. Join us in welcoming three new Digett sites to the World Wide Web: Action Restoration, Silver Sage Corral Senior Activity Center, and the San Marcos, Texas, Convention and Visitor Bureau. 


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Beaumont, Texas-based Action Restoration provides disaster recovery and 24/7 emergency response to save property from flood, fire, and other disasters requiring sensitive clean-up and decontamination. The recent record-setting flooding in the northeast? Action Restoration was there, helping clients dry, extract water, and clean and remove any residual mold and bacteria.

Visitors to Action Restoration's new home page should be able to quickly understand the types of services they provide, and every page on the site invites visitors to contact the company for a prompt response. Interior pages of the site feature videos of Action Restoration's teams at work, showcasing how they work and their

We're proud to say we redesigned the company logo as well.


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Silver Sage Corral is a daytime activity center for seniors in Bandera County, Texas. They provide a number of services including meals, health fairs, yoga classes, and weaving and knitting, as well as entertainment. The goals of Silver Sage Corral's new website were to provide them with a more professional design and make it easier for visitors to access the information they need most.

As the sole provider for Meals on Wheels in the county, one of the most-frequent requests Silver Sage Corral administrators receive is for the meals menu. To decrease the administrative burden and make it easier to find, we put a link to download the meals menu prominently in the top left of the newly redesigned site.

We also streamlined how Silver Sage lists their activities and events. The site separates activities that recur weekly from one-off special events. Special Events are also sorted according to type. To encourage participation and awareness, a list of upcoming special events is featured on every page of the site.

The most special or important events are highlighted through the rotating graphic on the home page. This promotional area can be used to encourage event attendance, volunteers, and fundraising. Re-ordered site navigation prominently provides links to the Silver Sage Corral thrift store and facilities rental options to also encourage those fundraising efforts.


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They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, sometimes, it takes a village to launch a website, too.

Originally designed, developed, and tested three years ago, the new website for the San Marcos, Texas, Convention and Visitor Bureau has seen a fair share of developers at Digett and managers from the CVB making changes and updates over the years. As sometimes happens in life, time, work, and ever-evolving goals meant that the CVB was never quite ready to take this baby live ... until now.

The new website integrates with Google Maps to pinpoint the best of everything in San Marcos—hotels, attractions, shopping hot spots, restaurants, arts, culture, nightlife, campgrounds, and sports and recreation activities. Visitors can download and print brochures and coupons or share a personal story about what makes San Marcos great. For convention planners, there's a calendar of booked events as well as an online Request for Proposal.

For anyone thinking of planning a trip or event in San Marcos, this site has everything you need to know.

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