New Site Launched: SightMind

Posted by Valarie Geckler on April 30, 2008

San Francisco-based Internet Protocol Video Surveillance (IPVS) and security experts, SightMind, delivers high-tech, custom solutions for local governments, schools and businesses nation-wide. To deliver an effective web site, Digett knew that our design and production needed to convey SightMind's expertise, record of success, and generate leads from parties interested in franchising opportunities.

Trusted Professionals

Customers and potential franchisees know and value SightMind's expertise because SightMind truly subscribes to their motto of"More Knowledge. More Security."

Via sections describing how IPVS works, its benefits, and their approach towards tailored security systems, SightMind lets all web users know that one of the most important steps in their company processes is learning about the customer's needs. They educate clients about IPVS and work together to empower the customer to make informed decisions regarding their ideal system setup.

SightMind provides multiple educational brochures and white papers through the Resources section and highlights them on the home page to assist their goal of transparency and knowledge sharing.

Record of Success

SightMind's founders have years of experience as entrepreneurs and founders of successful technology, networking and IPVS businesses. The fruits of their leadership and examples of IPVS successes can be highlighted in the Success Stories section, broken down by customer-type to allow the user to find what's applicable to them.

Almost as important as SightMind's service and systems proficiency is the quality of equipment they install. Their Technologies section provides a list of the well-known brands of cameras, cables, software, power supplies and backup systems they use to showcase that SightMind leverages the best.

Attract Franchisees

Recently approved to sell franchises and on the lookout for interested parties, SightMind encourages both customer and potential franchisees to get in touch. A contact form and newsletter sign up form are present on every page to prompt users to take advantage of SightMind's "more knowledge" principle and to generate potential business and franchise leads.

Finally, since SightMind works with high-tech tools, we wanted their site to reflect their savvy, too. Their home page features different pieces of information that rotate on mouse-hover and highlights the logos of the brands of products they install in a rotating gallery to encourage user confidence in SightMind's capabilities. Plus, rotating logos are just cool.

Visit to learn more about their IPVS solutions. Visit to learn more about our web marketing approach.

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