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Posted by Amy Peveto on August 06, 2013

Yokel is a hyperlocal indoor digital display content network that gives advertisers real-time control over highly-targeted advertising placed on digital displays mounted throughout San Antonio. These screens display local content—news, lifestyle, trivia, and ads—to receptive audiences in captive settings.

Yokel’s concept is simple but new, so we worked with their team to put together a marketing strategy that included building brand awareness, designing and building a new website, writing copy, and designing print collateral.

Establishing a brand

Yokel’s hyperlocal offering has the power to affect how San Antonio businesses reach their target audiences. The company and concept are new, however, so our first major goal was to solidify Yokel’s brand and create a strategy for spreading awareness through social media, print, and an amazing website.

After finalizing the brand and marketing strategy, Digett worked with Yokel to design and build a crisp, responsive website that educates visitors about the platform — as well as pulls them easily down the funnel toward becoming a Yokel customer.

The website explains Yokel’s services quickly and visually, and the website content shows businesses that may be wary of unfamiliar advertising methods that Yokel’s early customers are already successful.

Content is king

Visitors to the Yokel website are greeted with finely-honed content and imagery that quickly and easily describes how hyperlocal advertising works, and how it can be beneficial to businesses.

We’re especially proud of the Take a Tour page, which is a great example of a simple page saying a lot and looking pretty while doing it.

Also important are case studies that highlight current customers’ success stories and provide further evidence of the value and power of the Yokel network.

Conversions are, too

We believe that websites should be a lead generators. So while the goal of our marketing efforts is to send targeted traffic to Yokel’s website, the goal of the website itself is to show those visitors the power of the Yokel network and convince them to become customers.

Every page on the website includes some kind of call-to-action, whether it’s a free demo, a sign-up, or simply some encouragement to explore further. And with plans for blogging, email newsletters, and targeted campaigns in the near future, we expect to generate plenty of traffic to test and improve the effectiveness of those calls to action.

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Whether your business is new or well-established, your web presence must be strong; if your website isn’t generating leads, it’s not doing its job — and you should be thinking, “I need a redesign.”

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