One Internship, Many Lessons Learned

Posted by Michelle Burk on August 13, 2014

As the summer is coming to an end, my time here at Digett is coming to an end, as well. The chance to intern at Digett has been a wonderful opportunity and reassured me (not that I needed it!) of how much I want to be a graphic designer, which is perfect, considering I am entering my final year of college.

My internship gave me the chance to gain hands-on experience and sharpen my design and professional skills, which makes me a better potential employee in the creative careers world.

Time is limited

In school, we are given plenty of time to complete projects, and constant reminders of how we will definitely not have as much time to work on projects in the real world. It’s true.

When I am given a project at Digett, I typically need to get it done within a tight timeframe, meaning I don’t have as much time to ponder sketches and concepts, or decide to completely overhaul the design a week before it is due.

A tight schedule forces me to come up with an efficient design concept, execute it, nitpick the details and finish it while fulfilling the client’s wishes. In the end, I would almost consider this just working productively — getting things done and moving on to the next task in order to keep the workflow going.

Don’t be shy — communication is essential to success

As a self-proclaimed introvert, it can sometimes be difficult for me to speak up or ask for help when I need it. I knew this was something I would need to work on once I start my job search, and interning at Digett gave me a chance to boost my communication skills in a professional environment.

Whether it is giving your input on a project, requesting feedback on a design you worked hard on, or finding the right questions to ask at a client or team meeting, communication amongst coworkers and clients is essential to being productive and successful.

Other notable things I learned

Some things I also had to throw in:

  • Setting all disdain aside, InDesign is actually not that bad.
  • I now know where to find the best GIFs to express every thought or reaction I have.

Projects completed has been a design-filled summer!

And from here…

I will be continuing my studies in Graphic Design in New York City, where I can completely surround myself with art, design, and tons of local coffee shops to try. I am looking forward to taking my experience and lessons learned from interning at Digett and applying it elsewhere — whether it’s in school or in the business world.

Best of luck to the future interns, and a sincere thank you to the Digett team for having me this summer!

(Editor’s note: We have truly enjoyed having Michelle with us this summer. From our first discussion she impressed us with her poise, skills, and positive attitude. We’ll miss you, Michelle — come visit us anytime!) 


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