San Antonio Web Design: Generations Federal Credit Union

Posted by AMac on May 24, 2011

The brand new Generations website is just a few hours old, and isn't she lovely! Over the past five months, the Digett team has worked closely with Generations Federal Credit Union to completely re-vamp their online presence, and we think the result represents the best of San Antonio web design and banking.

Generations' new website is teeming with polished design, high tech features, and uber-usability, which combine to really showcase the power of Drupal CMS. I was happy to be tasked with designing the site, and we accomplished a lot along the way.

Design Goals

  • Establish a clean, professional, and modern site design that reflects the Generations brand and message
  • Combine the latest trends in web design with the timeless tradition of banking to create a unique online experience
  • Most importantly, exude usability by way of catering to the needs of the Generations members and potential customers


Design Elements


depth_0.pngColor & Shade

Shades of gray set the cool, modern tone for the site. Orange is our primary call-to-action color, while green accents highlight environmentally friendly efforts, such as online banking. Smooth, subtle gradients help create depth throughout the design, which modernizes the look nicely.



Heidi tells us that In fashion, one day you're in and the next day, you're out. The same can be said for web design, and right now, icons are in. Icons are great communicators, telling users what they need to know in a heartbeat. Using icons throughout the site aids usability and modern design.


boots_0.pngCustom San Antonio Photography

To enforce Generations' really local platform, we produced some photography unique to San Antonio, near each of their branches. For example, this particular photograph is of the famous North Star Mall Boots, from a vantage point that locals can appreciate.


The Tip of The Iceberg

Design is just the beginning of what makes this site great. From stellar information architecture and dynamic content, to administrative simplicity and seamless third-party software integration, is the full package.

hats-off_0.pngMy big hat goes off to Generations for working tirelessly with us to launch this new website and for continuing to be a great client.

My even bigger hat goes off to the team here at Digett, who has really pulled together and busted their collective hump to produce another outstanding product — in truth, the best in San Antonio web design.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and see it for yourself. Dive in and when you're done browsing, come back and tell us what you think. Seriously, leave us a comment and praise our work, won't you? ;)

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