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The Secret to Happy Customers

Posted by Sarah Van Dyke on June 25, 2013

I saw an article recently sharing a great summary of some of the presentations from the 2013 Corporate Social Media Summit, where many major brands presented their media and marketing insights. The article lists many helpful stories from a number of brands, but the one that most resonated with me was from Dunkin’ Donuts.

The Story

Scott Hudler, the VP of Global Consumer Engagement from Dunkin Donuts, gave a presentation about how their company was able to leverage their mobile app to provide the most value to customers.

They discovered that when customers use their app, the piece of information they are most often seeking about any store is the hours of operation. These donut-hungry consumers on the go aren’t as interested in seeing a complex, interactive interface, they merely want to know if the store nearest them is open at that moment.

Dunkin Donuts kept this in mind when designing their app, and the hours of operation are presented at the forefront when anyone does a location search.

As the article so aptly sums it up, this story is a “powerful reminder that no matter how much cool and interactive content or experiences you might offer in multiple channels...there is still no substitute for giving your customers exactly what matters most to them.”

Another Example

This reminded me of a different article I read a while back — a web comic from The Oatmeal titled What I Want from a Restaurant Website (mildly NSFW text).

Have you ever visited a restaurant’s website and been supremely frustrated by the lack of relevant information, or how difficult it was to find what you were looking for? I know I have, which is probably exactly why this comic made me laugh.

When I (and many other potential customers) search for a restaurant online and click on their website, I am usually looking for their menu, address, hours of operation, and maybe if there are any specials or promotions.

But many times I have to hunt to find any contact information, there isn’t a map of the location, and of course I have to download the menu to my computer (if they even have one available) and open it up separately as a large PDF.

This can get frustrating. If I’m considering going to a new restaurant and they don’t have a menu posted or it seems like a hassle to download, I may just give up and go with another restaurant that provides me with more information.

Many websites are beautifully designed and have graphics, pictures, and more — but if they lose sight of what customers actually want to find, then it is all for naught.

Does your campaign need focus?

At Digett, we help you analyze your customer base and develop buyer personas to represent the needs and motivations of different types of buyers, then use these as the cornerstone of your marketing campaign.

We work with you to build your brand identity, and we create beautiful websites that keep your customers' needs at the forefront. We also help you produce relevant content centered around appealing to your buyer personas, such as blog posts, articles, whitepapers, and more.

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