An update is coming to Facebook, how are you impacted?

Posted by JD Collier on August 26, 2011

Facebook is in the process of rolling out changes to its service.  These changes give you more control over privacy settings. Here is a quick list of changes and some thoughts on their impact:

  • Profile tag review
    This one is great: you will now be able to approve when someone tags you in a photo. No longer will you have friends and family post pictures of you at the pool that show up next to your marketing efforts.
  • View profile as...
    This one isn't new — just no longer buried. The function has been moved to your profile page. You will be able to see how a friend, colleague or customer can see your profile. This will help you adjust your privacy settings. No longer will you have to wonder what your profile looks like, you can try it out and find out if you are "over sharing" personal details :)
  • Tag locations in posts
    This one came with a quiet bombshell — you can miss the news here if you don't read carefully.  Facebook has dropped their Place check-in functionality on mobile devices. Instead your customers will be able to indicate their location when they post a status update. If they post publicly and list your location, will this help your SEO?
I'd love to hear what you think the impact will be to us as marketers? What else should we be watching for as businesses with these changes?

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