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Posted by Valarie Geckler on June 03, 2013

Our client Liquid Frameworks came to Digett looking to refresh the look and feel of their website. We redesigned their site to better reflect who they are and to make the right information easily accessible to the right visitor personas.

Who Is Liquid Frameworks?

The LiquidFrameworks team provides ways for companies in the oil and gas, industrial, and environmental services industries to manage their mobile field operations. Their FieldFX mobile field operations management solution allows companies to better organize and manage jobs, quotes, field ticketing, equipment, contracts, price books and labor, and process other electronic forms such as safety incident or inspection reports.

Let FieldFX information shine through

The FieldFX product can be a huge business-changer. It can replace and streamline many existing processes and cut down on costs. It does so much, though, that the offering is easiest to understand broken down into seven pieces or modules. We created an interactive graphic and menu structure to cleanly organize the descriptions of all the great FieldFX features.

Empower decision makers find the information they need

Product information and descriptions are great but to be valuable, busy decision makers have to be able to locate the the information that will appeal to them most very quickly.

The website caters to different FieldFX audiences in different ways. We speak directly to CFOs and COOs on the home page, offering them premium content targeted to explain precisely how FieldFX can make their lives easier. People who need a lot of details or like to do extensive research before choosing a product will be drawn to the Knowledge Center, full of detailed data sheets, whitepapers and case studies.

Make a website for the executive on-the-go

Additionally, the website is great for the busy executive who browses the web via phone or tablet. The new is a responsive web design, meaning the same website is smart enough to serve up an ideal viewing experience for desktop, tablet and mobile-devices. (Learn more about responsive web design.)

We build smart websites that can bring you leads

Whatever your business, your website should be working hard for you. It should be one of your salesforce, bringing in leads and achieving business goals. If your website isn’t performing, we redesign websites that aren't performing.

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