What You Need from a San Antonio Web Design Shop

Posted by Mark Figart on March 01, 2011

I’ll give you 5 guesses at what companies need most from San Antonio web design shops. Here’s a clue: It ain’t web design.

Yes, great information design and visual design are critical inputs to a high-performance website. But so are sound technical architecture, maintainability, and compelling targeted content. All of these are essential ingredients, indisputably. But while an anxious bride knows that flour is an essential ingredient of a wedding cake, does she even for a moment consider mentioning flour when talking to the Alamo Heights bakery who wins her business? It’s not, she knows, a list of ingredients that guarantees a great cake, but rather the individual recipe and the skill and style with which the recipe is executed.

And so it goes with websites. It is not the numerous, individual components that result in a successful website, but rather the recipe for combining them, along with the creativity expressed in the recipe's execution. So why does a typical effort by San Antonio companies to find a new website provider so often begin by googling “san antonio web design” or “website design”, and go hardly further than browsing the “portfolio” sections of the numerous web design shop websites that are fortunate (and savvy) enough to be indexed by Google?

The answer is probably simple enough. Truth be told, business owners often don’t know what they should be doing—what questions they should be asking—when it comes to building a new website. In their defense, the web is a complex topic. Mix the web with the concept of marketing—yet another topic that many business owners know just enough about to be dangerous—and you’ve got a steady supply of zombie-like decision makers who want nothing less (and nothing more) than the best looking website at the best price possible.

Listen up, San Antonio. You don’t need web design any more than you need SEO. What you need (if you’re like 99% of our clients served) are more and better sales leads. To search for a web marketing partner without exploring their ability to help you generate and nurture leads is to ignore (or at least grossly underestimate) the role a website can and should play in this endeavor.

Is your website bringing you 5 to 10 or more leads per day? If not, don’t you think it’s time to find someone who can show you how to get there from here?

Mark Figart

Founder and President
Meet Mark, Digett's founder and president, and a professional services practicioner since 1992.

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