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3 Reasons Why San Antonio Doesn’t Need More SEO

Posted by Mark Figart on February 23, 2011

SEO (search engine optimization) has been a hot topic for a long time; not only in San Antonio, of course, but throughout the wired world. At Digett we’ve been delivering San Antonio SEO services for several years. But today I’m throwing up my hands in surrender, having heard one too many marketers talk about SEO as the silver bullet of internet marketing. Here’s the truth:

1. Most San Antonio companies don’t have enough content on their website to optimize.

SEO is not likely going to be effective for the average 10-page website. Competing successfully for position on Google for any number of possible search phrases implies a great deal of pages, each dedicated to a specific keyword phrase. Do you have a 10-page site? Then you need a content strategy, not SEO.

2. Most San Antonio companies don’t have the right content on their website.

Focusing on SEO without first making sure that your content addresses the needs of your audience puts the cart before the ass. Understand your audience, write content to suit that audience. If all your website talks about is how awesome your company is, you really haven’t served anyone, and no amount of SEO will change that.

3. Most San Antonio companies don’t need more website traffic. They need more revenue.

SEO deals in the business of creating more traffic. Unfortunately, most websites squander the value of traffic by failing to convert visitors into leads. Spending money on driving more traffic to such a site is like trying to catch fish without a hook. If this describes your scenario, you need well-designed landing pages and an automated lead nurturing program, not SEO.

I’m not questioning the value of SEO in its proper context. But the fact is that if companies were creating, publishing and promoting even half the quality content they should be on a regular basis, and if they had an effective lead capture and nurturing program in place, SEO would largely take care of itself.

Mark Figart

Founder and President
Meet Mark, Digett's founder and president, and a professional services practicioner since 1992.

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