Establishing your business' guiding principles

Who is Your Perfect Client?

Posted by Corky Roth on October 01, 2012

As the Marketing Strategist and Business Development guy for Digett, one part of my job is to bring on new clients — a task that requires answering as many questions as I ask. One I’m asked quite often is, “Who is your perfect client?” I love this question because I can immediately tell that the person sitting across from me gets it. They really want to understand my business so they can help.

The typical answer

I used to identify our target market by listing popular indicators about a company I thought would be a likely fit for Digett to work with:

A mid-sized B2B organization with hefty annual revenues that translated to a certain amount of marketing spend, salespeople, blah blah blah.

But, my perspective changed after Digett established our Guiding Principles.

Read the rest of the post on the American Advertising Federation San Antonio's website.


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Submitted by Bert Powers on Thu, 10/04/2012 - 7:54am

Nice tie in to the website and story. Strange how many of the old rules regarding marketing and business strategy, have changed with the computer and social networking.
Looks like you are staying on top of it quite well.

Submitted by Corky Roth on Thu, 10/04/2012 - 11:48am

With a little help from my friends...thank you Bert.

Submitted by Rose on Thu, 12/06/2012 - 5:45pm

I don't understand one single thing about your business, but I know you must be a great addition to Digett!