Digett is moving. Again. Or, "Thoughts on a Saturday"

Posted by Mark Figart on February 02, 2013

Our close friends and some of our more rabid fans will remember that Digett recently relocated. Since the day of the move, we've been elbow-to-elbow-to-nose with each other. My colleagues may or may not share my supposition that we may now empathize more fully with sardines. Our single workspace is tight, suffering from a lack of privacy and ill-managed air quality, and stocked with strange passers-by who, like us, are just transients, short-term tenants in a corporate, almost sterile setting. Together we and our suitemates span the swath of business size and industry. 

Being here evokes thoughts of what it must be like to spend a night at an isolated hotel on a long stretch of highway. Whether or not the building is bustling, an observer will quickly realize that the faces inside change every day, and mostly have little to do with one another. From the start we knew the Colonnade was a temporary home, but the end wasn't always crystal clear. For that reason it's particularly exciting to know that we are moving, and to know that we're moving soon. 
To me it is both exciting and scary. Exciting 'cause we're puttin' a stake in the ground and sayin', "Howdy, San Antonio!" For me it's a little as if up to now we've just been visiting, living out of a suitcase on an extended trip. Save for a few iMacs and an old dorm fridge, we have little in our immediate environment that we can call our own; personal space included. So we long for the day of our liberation, and it is near. 
I don't like to sabotage best-laid plans by blabbing them out, so let it suffice for now to say that we'll keep you posted as events unfold. I invite you to send some positive energy to encourage fast and skillful execution of the new office buildout. I'll say it again, and I can't say thanks too many times to the great team at Regus—Nicole, Greg, Dory, Leslie, Rachel, nice cleaning lady—for making our stay at the Colonnade as tolerable as possible (for a crazy tenant who crams 7 people into an office designed for 1).
Once again, "Howdy San Antonio." The team is excited about being in our new home soon, and we savor the anticipation. 

Mark Figart

Founder and President
Meet Mark, Digett's founder and president, and a professional services practicioner since 1992.


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