Digett will take Drupal Training to Austin

Posted by Mark Figart on May 02, 2007

We'll rely largely on Roger's in-depth understanding and mastery of Drupal's architecture, his passion to explore the limits of Drupal theming, and his ability to clearly explain complex subjects clearly and succinctly. Roger Lopez has been the brains behind our innovative work with Churchill Downs and Arizona State University, and specifically our approach to solving their problems using Drupal.

Additionally we'll enlist Colin to help connect with designers in the audience who want to become one of that rare breed who comfortably and competently meets the challenges both of effective visual design and coding.

This is a one-day class aimed at helping you master the most fundamental activity involved with effectively leveraging Drupal's value as a CMS: Theming Drupal. From every angle.

As an added treat, we're considering a brief 4-person panel to include Digett's creative director, Trevor Dodd (speaker at the most recent Flash Forward conference in Austin) and company president Mark Figart, to round out the day. Might be cool to talk a little about Digett's experience in turning opportunities for implementing Drupal into a profitable venture... from sale through delivery.

Yes, you might also consider it a recruiting trip. Let's face it, while life in Boerne may be beautiful, the supply of ambitious internet geeks coming out of Kendall County is on the wain. We must go beyond the confines of our beloved Hill Country to seek passionate and talented individuals with loads of creative energy seeking a positive outlet. We love Austin, so we'll at least have that in common as we experience a day of hardcore knowledge sharing and elevating discussion.

Again, we're looking at Jun 22 as the most likely date. Somewhere on 5th or 6th Street, perhaps? Anyone ever been to the Parish Room? Thumbs up? down? Any other suggestions for a great venue?

We look forward to seeing you. Please drop us a line and let us know you're interested. Tell us anything that might help us put together the most effective agenda possible. Thanks, and we'll see you then.

Mark Figart

Founder and President
Meet Mark, Digett's founder and president, and a professional services practicioner since 1992.

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