Timeline for Facebook business pages

Timeline for Facebook Business Pages

Posted by Amy Peveto on March 29, 2012

Have you updated your Facebook business page to use Timeline? If you haven’t, you’ve got 24-48 hours before your page updates automatically. Fortunately Marketo has created a great infographic that shows you what you need to do to get your Facebook page looking spiffy.

Click the image to see the full infographic. Scroll down for the highlights.

Cover photo

This is the first thing visitors and fans see when they get to your Facebook page. You’ve got 851x315 pixels of space to showcase who you are, so make good use of it. People have gotten really creative with their images, but don’t forget to follow the cover photo guidelines set forth by Facebook.

Profile image

This is the smaller image that appears on the bottom left of your cover photo. You can use a 180x180 pixel image of your logo, a photo of your CEO, or whatever you’d like.


Icons appears below and to the right of your cover photo, and can include your uploaded photos, Likes, a map of your business’ location, and links to any apps you may have on your Facebook page.

You are able to change which icons appear, and in what order they appear, but you can only showcase four at any given time. Emphasize the strongest and most popular apps or features.


Got a big event (the company’s founding, completion of a big project, etc) you’d like to share? Create a milestone for it. Add a bit of info and a widescreen image (843x403 pixels) to highlight important moments in your company’s history.

More resources

  • Facebook’s Timeline FAQ - Get detailed information and answers here.
  • Image size guide - Need to know what size your cover photo, profile picture, apps images, and milestone images should be? Here’s a visual guide.


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