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Posted by Valarie Geckler on March 02, 2010

Liquid Frameworks, of the newly Digett-created liquidframeworks.com, came to Digett to redesign their former website with two main goals in mind:

  1. They wanted their new site to be as impressive visually as their work is technically.
  2. Their new site also needed to provide prospective clients a more complete picture of all their products, approaches, and services to present Liquid Frameworks as a professional, highly evolved, multi-faceted solutions provider for businesses.

Modern, eye-catching design

We're not embarrassed to admit that our first design concept for the home page fell flat. It was crisp and clean, sure, but it wasn't exactly what Liquid Frameworks was looking for. During their initial feedback session, they told us something we love to hear: they wanted something bolder.

Since reworking design and incorporating client requests is part of any iterative design process, and because we had, admittedly, skewed a little conservatively with the first design, we were excited for an opportunity to do something a little less traditional in our second round of mock-ups.

Image removed.Spurred on by eloquent feedback from the Liquid Frameworks team after every design update, we were able to deliver a design that lends itself better to the personality of Liquid Frameworks and which will help them stand out from their competitors.

Reflection of range of expertise

We used the home page to better represent Liquid Frameworks' breadth of work. Their previous website primarily highlighted their FieldPro product offering, which, unfortunately, meant that all their other offerings were underrepresented. Today, their home page more fairly showcases their true range of expertise in SharePoint and .Net development, as well as other corporate development systems.

By showing their three main expertise categories in sliding javascript elements, we also were able to maximize use of page real estate as well as give the page some subtle movement and encourage user engagement.

Highlight thought leadership

When Liquid Frameworks moved away from the singular focus on FieldPro on their website, it gave them the opportunity to showcase their thought leadership across expertise and industry.

On the home page and on selected sidebars throughout the site, users can view and download whitepapers relevant to designated solutions and services as assigned by Liquid Frameworks through Drupal. Whitepapers give concrete examples of how Liquid Frameworks is solving problems for businesses with their software development and products. They also serve as a lead generation tool, as users must provide a name and email address before they have download access.

Whitepapers have a sense of formality to them, though, that isn't always the appropriate outlet for all thought leadership. For discussions about tackling typical business problems and Liquid Frameworks' technologies, methodologies, and approaches, they take to their blog. Eventually, Liquid Frameworks hopes to have each of their developers contributing about their everyday work challenges and solutions.

It all comes together

By detailing the kinds of business problems they are able to solve and presenting an equal emphasis on their solutions, services, and their approaches to them, Liquid Frameworks new website will automatically set them apart as a business solutions leader.

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Submitted by Guest on Wed, 03/03/2010 - 1:29pm

The site looks great and has some really nice functionality. AG.