Design Consistency for the Sake of Marketing

Posted by AMac on August 09, 2011

If you aren't already aware of our upcoming webinar, you should be. It's called Five Social Media Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make and we've been trying to get you to sign up for the past couple of weeks.

It's been my job to design the promotional materials for this webinar, and I believe what I've done thus far is important to the success of our efforts.

The most important element to designing promotion materials, whether it be for a company or a specific event, is consistency. Each design element has to visually tie into the bigger picture, so that the consumer is assured time and again that they're on the right track.

A Working Example

For this webinar, I've designed a home page rotating promo, a landing page, a business card, and a couple of slides for the presentation itself. It's easy to see how each of them is consistently designed, as they should be.


Why It's Important

Should I hand a business card to a man on the street, and he visits our home page the next day, the rotating promo will assure him he's in the right place. Then he's taken to the landing page, where again, it's visually communicated that he made the right move — warm fuzzies! On the day of the webinar, graphics throughout the presentation will continue to affirm his decision to participate.

All the while, whether its conscious or not, our consumers are realizing that we know we're doing, as marketers and designers. They begin to understand how Digett can help promote their business using simple but often overlooked techniques, such as design consistency.

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