Mind the Customer Service Gap: Are You Falling In?

Posted by Jennifer Edwards on September 30, 2014

There are potholes forming between consumers and businesses. These gaps arise when the customer’s expectation of the service doesn’t quite match up with their actual experience of the service. However, we as service providers are not at a complete disadvantage; understanding the five "gaps" that can lead to unsuccessful delivery of service — and what factors affect them — will help prevent you from leaving your customers disappointed.


4 Challenges with a Webform Project, Part I

Posted by Travis Flatt on September 23, 2014

I like Javascript. There, I said it. It’s all out there floating across the internet, and no doubt my kids will mock me for it twenty years from now when they’re busily developing code via direct brain-link. For now, though, I find it to be a remarkably versatile problem solver for things that just aren’t quite handled by the default behavior of your favorite framework or CMS.


3 Things Waitressing Can Teach Us About Marketing

Posted by Hannah Zhou on September 19, 2014

Waitresses are the face of your restaurant experience from the moment you take a seat. Simple mistakes (like onions on your burger) can ruin the atmosphere of an entire meal, while great service can uplift an evening.

Bad email subject lines damage your marketing and reputation

Why Lame Email Subject Lines Damage Your Marketing

Posted by Amy Peveto on September 16, 2014

We hear a lot about how email open rates are a vanity metric that shouldn’t be trusted, but the truth is if you can’t get prospects to open your emails, your email marketing will fail. Here’s just a few reasons why not doing enough to create awesome email subject lines can spell email marketing doom.