Marketing ideas from the WWE and WrestleMania

Real Marketing Ideas from a Fake Sport

Posted by Amy Peveto on April 07, 2015

A few weeks ago I was snookered into watching WrestleMania, the WWE’s yearly wrestle-palooza. It’s ridiculous and clearly fake, but I couldn’t stop watching because it was packed with amazing stories. If only there was a way to bring this storytelling energy into the marketing world!

A plan for recovering from failure

Why Failing Matters

Posted by Amy Peveto on March 31, 2015

Failure terrifies me, especially when it means disappointing a client. These failures are brutal, and damaging to client relationships. But they are also absolutely critical to our success.

Content marketing case study:

Case Study: The Secret to 175% More Conversions

Posted by Amy Peveto on March 13, 2015

Content marketing is not easy. It’s not fast, either. But as Van Delden Wastewater Systems learned, it can be one of the most effective ways to increase your company’s online presence and lead generation — provided you begin with a solid strategy and a willingness to adapt it as you go.

How to prepare your marketing for the holidays

Time to Deck Your Marketing Strategy This Holiday Season

Posted by Jennifer Edwards on December 10, 2014

Although Black Friday has come and gone, we are still just getting into the holiday shopping season. Don’t wait any longer to pump up your marketing strategy — now is the time to give your customers some holiday cheer. Here are three ways you can improve your marketing this holiday season.

 Why building a mobile app is probably a waste of time

Why Building a Retail Mobile App is Probably a Waste of Time

Posted by Amy Peveto on October 14, 2014

Mobile apps have taken the world by storm. In Apple’s App store alone there are more than a million, and according to some research we’re spending more of our time online using them than anything else. Despite what some say about the value of apps for businesses, though, I’m still not convinced it’s a good investment for everyone.

The 5 Gaps: When the experience doesn’t meet the expectation

Mind the Customer Service Gap: Are You Falling In?

Posted by Jennifer Edwards on September 30, 2014

There are potholes forming between consumers and businesses. These gaps arise when the customer’s expectation of the service doesn’t quite match up with their actual experience of the service. However, we as service providers are not at a complete disadvantage; understanding the five "gaps" that can lead to unsuccessful delivery of service — and what factors affect them — will help prevent you from leaving your customers disappointed.

The secret to being a better business

The Best Way to be a Better Business

Posted by Amy Peveto on August 05, 2014

Digett’s weekly team lunch is a great opportunity for us to strengthen team bonds by talking about something other than work, as well as the best way we’ve found to keep everyone in the loop on all projects.

Video marketing lessons from Big Cat Rescue

3 Video Marketing Lessons from 100 Big Cats

Posted by Amy Peveto on July 29, 2014

In 2006 Florida-based nonprofit Big Cat Rescue created a YouTube channel and uploaded their first video. Since then the staff has uploaded hundreds of videos dedicated to educating viewers about big cats. Here’s three lessons their videos can teach you about your video marketing strategy.

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