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June 25, 2013 by Sarah Van Dyke
Keep customers’ needs as your main focus

I saw an article recently sharing a great summary of some of the presentations from the 2013 Corporate Social Media Summit, where many major brands presented their media and marketing...

June 19, 2013 by Sarah Van Dyke
Providing positive customer service is a must.

I saw an article the other day that gives a great example of how a company took a negative review and turned it into positive publicity by exceeding expectations with their customer service.

May 14, 2013 by Amy Peveto
Should you outsource your company’s content creation?

While content marketers agree that content is critical to success, the debate around outsourcing its creation continues raging. Some say it’s laziness or a lack of commitment, while others argue that sometimes it’s the only way. So who’s right?

May 8, 2013 by Amy Peveto
Content marketing lessons from NPR

A longer commute to the new Digett offices means I spend much more time listening to the radio. I started listening to NPR a few months back, and recently it occurred to me that it’s the poster child for successful content marketing.

April 23, 2013 by Amy Peveto
Outdated and unhelpful marketing tactics to drop.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the world of marketing rarely stands still. The “Mad Men” days are long since gone, and now is not the time to get stuck in tarpits. Here’s three tactics that are swiftly going the way of the dodo.

April 9, 2013 by Amy Peveto
Blogging and social media are part of the same strategy.

Data released earlier this year shows that consumers trust and are heavily influenced by blogs — yet the bulk of brand spend goes to paid advertising, video, and social media. Digital spend is expected to increase this year, but will brands be spending that money wisely?

March 14, 2013 by Jeff Lamboy
Start simple with process and project management

This week JD shared some wisdom regarding process and how it can help guide your project to success. I wanted to follow up and share some points to help you get started in establishing some processes.

March 12, 2013 by JD Collier
The importance of process

Doesn't everyone say to stay nimble, to be flexible? Yes, but you need to pick your battles and flex within some boundaries. When you go through a project with a client to build a new marketing plan and website … don't skimp on the process.

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