The Successful Managed Services Provider: Positioning for Profitability

Posted by Mark Figart on April 06, 2018

My seasoned business coach once explained that there are three levers a company can pull to positively impact the bottom line: Increase sales, lower costs, or raise prices. Too bad that pulling levers is not always as easy as it sounds. But did you know there’s one thing that IT services providers can (and should) do that will make pulling all three levers much easier?


How to Solve Your Customer's Problems and Make Money Doing It

Posted by Emma Ruehl on July 31, 2017

You’ve invested the time and effort to craft a solid sales message and marketing campaign. The offer is great, the price is right, and people should be flocking in your doors and email inboxes to purchase. You’ve even paid a company to help get your website to rank in the top five of Google’s search results page, and your site’s traffic has soared as a result.


How to Announce Your Firm's Name Change

Posted by Mark Figart on July 13, 2017

You have a new company name. Congratulations. You may be thinking about how much work was involved: The brainstorming, the research, the emotional ups and downs that are inevitable in such an endeavor—whether you had exclusive control of the process or, more likely, were just one of several with an influence in the name ultimately chosen.


Right-Sizing Your Marketing Infrastructure

Posted by Mark Figart on June 29, 2017

Go big or go home. (- ubiquitous)

I first heard the quote above in 2001. It was a company mantra introduced by a new CEO who had been brought in to save our ailing company, one of the many beneficiaries, and subsequent victims, of the dot-com bubble. Four months later the firm shut its doors. We went home.